How to Use Scripted’s WordPress Plugin


Do you know how to use Scripted’s WordPress plugin?

Our WordPress Plugin is a great feature you can download for free that transfers the content from your finished Scripted articles right into your WordPress — eliminating the whole copy and paste act — in addition to allowing you to accept reviewed articles, view articles from your Scripted dashboard and requests edits. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to download the plugin.

1. Find the “plugin” tab on your dashboard and select “add new.”


2. Search “” and the first listing that should appear is “ Expert Blogger API.” Select “install now.”


3. Wait for Scripted’s plugin to install (it just takes a few seconds)!


4. Once it says the plugin has been successfully installed click “activate plugin” on the lower lefthand corner.


5. Go to your dashboard and you’ll see a Scripted icon:


6. Enter your Business ID and API Key here (be sure not to mix them up). To get this information, email


7. Now that you’ve installed the plugin, there’s plenty you can do. For unfinished jobs, you can accept them, request edits and view. To do any of these just select the appropriate tab.


8. In order to create a draft in WordPress for a finished job — and save time from copying and pasting —  select “create draft.”


9. Once you do this select “posts” in your dashboard and you’ll find your draft.


Have more questions about using Scripted’s WordPress plugin? Email or leave us a comment below.

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